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Horizontal PECVD (AlOx )

Equipment Name

· Horizontal PECVD (AlOx ) 

Equipment Model

· PD-450M

Equipment Application

· Deposit AlOx passivition dielectric film on the rear side of solar cells through N2O and TMA gas to increase voltage and current of the solar cell and then deposit SixNy protective film on the surface of the AlOx film. 

Process Flow

·Graphite boat & wafers ready→Nitrogen inlet→graphite boat load in→vacuum,pressure test → deposit AlOx film→vacuum, pressure test→ tube cleaning and Nitrogen inlet→graphite boat unload.


· AlOx / SixNy two-in-one function. 

· MES control.

· Central computer control.

· Double furnace door.

· Double cooling water flanges sealing technology.

· Graphite boat contact-free with quartz tube.

· Fast coating technology.

· Compatible with SiOxNy PERC technology. 

· Uniformity improvement system.