Smart Factory

 Equipment Name

· Smart Factory


· Replace manual transportation of cassettes, information can be intelligent interaction and resources are controlled intelligently, which realize automatic production of entire production line and intelligent management of the whole plant.


· The loading/unloading of each processing equipment equipped with inline automation equipment. 

· With belt transfer the cassette after AGV docking with the automation equipment in each process. 

· AGV adopts well-known AGV base combined with S.C unique cassette belt transfer track design, which enables the automatic adjustment function of the track.

· With perfect inline quality detection system in each inline automation equipment. 

· Both the AGV and inline automation equipment with fast manual intervention measures.  

· With S.C customized MES system to enable real-time control and intelligent scheduling of the resources, achieves high utilization of the equipment and low capacity loss.

· Better scalability,available for throughput and function scalability according to customer’s requirements.


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