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Automatic Wafer Handling System for DOA Equipment

Equipment Name

·Automatic Wafer Handling System for DOA Equipment

Equipment Model


Equipment Usage

Integrated wafer loading& unloading, unloading the wafers from the quartz boat to the cassette or loading the wafers from the cassette to the quartz boat. Available for double back-to-back wafers in one slot which realize single side diffusion or available for single wafer in a slot for double-side diffusion. With continuous wafer loading&unloading can guarantee the continuous production . Or be used only for wafer loading or unloading is also available.



· With imported six-axis lift to load/unload and ensures high reliability of picking and placing of wafers.

· With IPC to running master computer software in HMI, high speed data interaction can be realized by network communication.

· With CCD industrial camera to detect dynamic location of quartz boat , which can realize deviation rectification and positioning.

· With cooling system before the unloading process, which can avoid any harmful effect on the wafers and equipment caused by high temperature.

· CCD images show the wafers condition inside the quartz boat, combine with the gripping status of each gripper can realize mis-gripping and wafer dropping detection (optional, standard equipment without this function).

· CCD images analyze the broken wafers in ceramic comb area.(optional).

· MES function, sheet resistance detection and AGV, optional.



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