In 2003
Shenzhen S.C Exact Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.
In 2007
Shenzhen S.C Wetron Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in Shenzhen.
In 2008

New sales record reached. Chang zhou S.C Exact Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded with an industrial park of 30000m2 in Changzhou.

In 2010

S.C Wetron and S.C Exact intergrated into Shenzhen S.C Exact  Equipment Co.,Ltd. S.C has achieved remarkable sales and its products successfully exported to the Indian market.

In 2011

Shenzhen S.C Exact Equipment Co.,Ltd officially changed into S.C New Energy Technology Corporation. S.C products successfully exported to the Japanese market.

In 2012
S.C New Energy moved to Digital Silicon Valley Industrial Park in Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City.
In 2014
With the strategy of automation, efficiency and internationalization,S.C oversea market develops with domestic market synchronously.
In 2015

S.C New Energy Technology has successfully public listed in national small and middle-sized enterprise stock transfer systems on Oct 16th, 2015(Stock ID:S.C,Stock Code:833708).

Products exported to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Singapore market.

In 2016

Achieved a major breakthrough in Turnkey project  overseas.

First launch high throughput equipment.

In 2017

Mass production of MCCE equipment.

Mass production of HIT texturing equipment.

Cooperative manufacturing of ALD equipment by introducing European advanced technology.

In 2018

S.C has been successfully public listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in August 10th, 2018. (Stock ID: S.C, Stock Code: 300724) .

Mass prodution of batch alkaline polishing equipment.

S.C products successfully exported to Turkey and Egypt market.

In 2019

S.C New Energy moved to pingshan District Shenzhen.

Changzhou S.C smart Equipment Co., Ltd founded.

The new generation automatic silk screen printing production line developed successfully.

Mass production of horizontal PECVD(AlOx).

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