New Products Help, S.C won the Phase IV Project Order from Chengdu Tongwei
Column:Company News Time:2019-07-12

  A few days ago, an equipment Purchase and Sales Contract has been signed between S.C and Tongwei Solar, a leading photovoltaic solar cell company. The contract amount is over RMB 400 million, all the equipment listed in the Contract will be used in the Chengdu Tongwei Phase IV Project.  

  The signing of this order is closely related to the successful launch of new product of S.C. The Contract has three highlights:First, the throughput of the selected diffusion furnace and PECVD is further increased. The throughput of diffusion furnace increased by 33.3% per hour and the PECVD throughput increased by 7.6% per hour;Second, the alkaline polishing equipment has been comprehensively used in the phase-IV project of Chengdu Tongwei. Alkaline polishing technology can reduce the cost of sewage treatment significantly while improving solar cell conversion efficiency.  

  Third, horizontal PECVD Al2O3 two-in-one equipment has been chosen in this project. From the proven data, Al2O3 PECVD equipment has a great gain on the solar cell conversion efficiency.  

  The signing of this Contract has made a weathervane effect in the PV industry, providing reference and guidance for equipment selection of other solar cell manufacturers.  

  S.C will continue to increase the R&D of new products and new processes, based on cost reducing and efficiency increasing, create value for customers and contribute to clean energy.

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